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Curren$y - Audio Dope 5 letra de canción


 Sleeping outside, pouring like they ready for Jordan's

 Nigga, ones they burn us, let the tour beat us

 Pow in the speakers, haters fall AC

 Cuz thou they fell rich as we, too cold your soul

 Shiver when you see us

 Mad that you can't be us, so you plan some ways to see as defeated

 Let's not have it

 One deep and then 2 season mention

 They know the pain like pimp balls when they scrappin'

 2 for the end and stop, see if I'm in with that guy

 But finish my nigga, I got to kill it

 Side, still I'm deliver at your front door nigga

 While you don't go nigga

 Ball the old dope dealers

 His mother is wrippin' throw the jungle on your four willers

 Shit don't give no realer, we got this hoers chilling

 Cuz we can smoke and inhale, working hard

 We party with the privilege

 That it's all because I'm gifted, the Lord give us my nigga


 Knocking at the door cuz we want some more

 Sleeping outside for us, like they waiting on Jordan's

 Knocking at the door cuz they want some more,

 Sleeping outside for us, like they waiting on Jordan's

 I can't afford to not record it


 Have like love bow, all the bad bitches

 Smoking joint and press my shot for ball with me

 Them boys livin', them boys gettin' it

 The man check the cut of my dinner,

 Check and stitched, off in the siesem in my lil seser

 Studio cold written, the ball, the stove, the kitchen

 It's break the side of the pack

 Not a dollar we missin'

 And the aim still the same, we are climb more million

 Just like the wile, just like new jacks in, it's like new madness

 Then she is serious, I'm not kiddin'

 You get kill for bein' curios, cash bitch, chase bout the big dog

 Round here, oh yeah shoulda get wake quicker

 And y'all just be kicking it

 Now you gotta pick your homie up

 Cuz he got hit and the nigga still shootin', fuck it

 You won't do, pussy fucks and never feel the real nigga shot

 Yea nigga


Curren$y - Audio Dope 5 lyrics.
Audio Dope 5Curren$y

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