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Curren$y - Cargo Planes letra de canción

Never half ass, only get the dopest from me

 Rollin with the homie Ski

 My dog Fatts, LBC

Even if the pot was to drop and break

 Fiends'll still pay top dollar

 For the shake flakes, they could scrape

 Eating off these fine rhymes, like china plates

 Instrumentals in my Bentley on the interstate

 Millionares relate, cause I talk money

 My niggas on the grind say I talk for em

 Using this art as a talk forum

 To spark notions, to start motion

 Hope for the hopeless

 Ain't know it when I wrote it

 But my lines saved a man life

 When I met him he told me

 In a meet and greet line with a jernt

 Him and his girl rolled for me

 Thats why I keep going G, Totally

 Never half ass, only get the dopest from me

 Rolling with the homie Ski

 Smoking that spoken warrior tree

 Green leaves, frosty with THC

 Produce mo', Studio Judo

 Sell out shows to cop mo' Chevy 2 Do's

 Build another house just for me to park those

 This is Curren$y in muthafuckin' boss mode

 Currently running that Pilot Talk code

 Now raise your glasses if you want mo'

 We in the house like your closet though

 I'm in yo bitch like a spinal chord

 All up her back nigga, you don't like that

 But she love it, thats why she does it

 Never displaying affection when we out in public

 Cause muthafuckas looking, and shit'll look ugly

 So walk right past me homegirl, and do not say nuttin'

 Secret locations we meet at, and then we cuttin'

 Money discussions, when my bottom

 Momma pack twin Louis Vuitton duffles

 We coming up, with another plan to get it

 Make sure the truck big enough to load all the cash in it

 Ferrari's 40-Yard Dashing

 Vanishing, behind gated mansion's

 Smoking to the fact we always know that we would have it

 It's turning out greater than we even had imagined

 Bored with some luxuries, I never thought I'd haven't

 Im just happy that when i see my momma she laughing

 Stashing more weight, just in case she asks me

 But she'll never need it cause she'll already have it

 All of this coming from rapping bout

 Last night action

 Last night madness

 These other rappers is not even challenging

 Or raising the bar

 They sneaking under it

 Or trying to crawl past it

 We trying make classics here

 Throw that other shit in the trash its weird

My dog Fatts


Curren$y - Cargo Planes lyrics.
Cargo PlanesCurren$y

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