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Curren$y - Hold On (Feat. Young Roddy & Trademark Da Skydiver) letra de canción

[Verse 1: Curren$y]

A yard for my dogs, a crib for my main bitch

I’ve been a man and I am still stainless

Haters caught vapor, inhaling the anguish

Kill these beats, humane fashion, painless

Cellphone my bids to auctions, cop paintings

Gotta have 'em more than Caine-Loc needed them Daytons

Jets X Nes Phips, crack lacerations
Dope cuts,motherfucker catch up

The girl eyes wandering she wan' know if that's us
Heard about that Spitta stroke and she wan' be next up

Homie mad talking about boy when I catch up

Shit bound to get all messed up and that's so messed up

Let's go rest up, I be in the cut

Got a can of Ozium in the truck

Fresh cut,word to Gucci, man photo shoot

Spitta in your city homie, send them hoes through

[Hook: Curren$y]

Yeah, hold on, let me find something to roll up on
Baby girl hold on, let me find something to roll up on

Car in the driveway don't mean I'm home

One not in front the house don't mean I'm gone

Start a business, mind ya own

[Verse 2: Young Roddy]

And I stayed on my job when them niggas got lazy

And look how I changed them hood hoes to ladies

And look how I turned them hoopties to Mercedes

And I admit, to quit shootin' ball was kinda crazy
But I was too focused on getting bread, pay me

Now they telling all of those DJ's to play me

Mama sat me down and told me all about the 80s

My favorite color was green, like money, since a baby

The niggas turn flaky, bitches turn shady
But no more gray days, I waved goodbye to Macy

Purple haze give me lazy eyes like McGrady

And that's on everything that 31st raised me

And that's on everything, got Adidas in all flavors

Practice make perfect, perfect make paper

Paper take patience, and I'm still waiting

So it's fuck you pay me, I've been ranned out of favors


[Verse 3: Trademark]

I'm just playing my position, posted like a center

Money on my mind, the bank account getting thicker

Blowing out of pounds, cases of the liquor

Surrounded by these bitches, I'm far from fictitious

Niggas claim they G, but they startin' to look suspicious

Hating on the planes every time my name gets mentioned

I don't pay 'em no attention, I keep on twisting up

This purp is so sticky, it's getting stuck to my fingers

Jet set, we here, hitting the game from all angles

Got it in a chokehold, it's more like a strangle

Say I'm one of the best and I ain't never dropped a single

My flow on point, you can tell from the lingo

Christmas sack of trees, yeah I'm smoking Kris Kringle

Blue cheese, sour deez and the kush tastes mango

Trade keep it real, I ain't nowhere near lame-o

The plane's on the way, clear the runway and the lanes, ho


Curren$y - Hold On (Feat. Young Roddy & Trademark Da Skydiver) lyrics.
Hold On (Feat. Young Roddy & Trademark Da Skydiver)Curren$y

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